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Standard Notes on Longevity - Build to last?

May, 2023
Standard Notes on Longevity - Build to last?

As from the Standard Notes main announcement, they're build to last. By what principles can we 'build to last'? According to Standard Notes team, it goes like this: "We believe in building software that lasts. To us (opp Standard notes), it is sad to consider that in the Information Age, the chances are that all information will probably not be there tomorrow. The software that enables all of our thoughts and dreams is now built to such a low standard and at such breakneck speeds and aimed at such ludicrous commercial interests, that its very survivability is in question." ~ Standard Notes on Longevity, Build to Last ..

And further down, the Standard Notes team exemplifies it further:

Their passion is to prove information doesn't have to be this way (as above). The Standard Notes revolutionary, paradigm-shifting 21st-century business plan is to keep your information ready for the 22nd century. The notes you write now should be there for you in a 100 years. That's the killer app.

And this is how the applications will survive the apocalypse.

  1. Standard Notes are (by a sentiment) complexity bigots. Standard Notes don’t merely hate complexity in software—they detest it. Fussy code decreases its durability. It forces users to alter habits for no reason. Clutter makes code obsolete before it's finished and it makes it impossible to adapt. Complexity creates user problems, it introduces bugs, and decreases performance. It's also expensive. Simplicity is the one and only future.
  2. Standard Notes say no to most feature requests. Standard Notes customers are loved. Standard Notes would do most anything for them. But they don’t do everything for them. Including many feature requests. You pay Standard Notes to create software that you can depend on. Their job is to find the features that meet that standard. And exclude those that don't. Standard Notes work hard to pick the features we roll into our core experience. And they are fussier about which features they leave out. The best upgrade is the one not done, in this view.

Standard Notes Principles

Over the years, Standard Notes developed principles and philosophies that guide how to approach software development as an organization. These principles may seem unconventional, but have evolved to help teams do one thing and do it well: design and build the best note-taking app on the planet.

Standard Notes Roadmap Philosophy

Standard Notes do not have a formal public roadmap, for a few reasons:

  1. It detracts from the present state of the product, and perpetually focuses customer expectations on the future. All Standard Notes can promise is what Standard Notes already have.
  2. Standard Notes work and think one feature at a time. Which feature they're working on is no secret—you'll hear about it on Standard Notes Discord, Reddit, Twitter, forum, and help desk. They're not secretive about their plans, but don't like to plan projects too far into the future.
  3. Standard Notes believe the role of a software company isn't to perpetually churn out new features. There's more to running a software organization than "what are you going to ship next?"

While Standard Notes do not offer a formal roadmap, Standard Notes understand it's important for you to know if a feature critical to your workflow is planned, so you can always ask Standard Notes, "what are you all working on now?" and"is feature X something you're planning to work on?"—they're always happy to give you our best response.

Note however, per Standard Notes support policy, email is the only medium where responses from a team member are guaranteed.

Our tweet philosophy

Standard Notes don't use Twitter account as a marketing channel, and therefore do not post daily content or otherwise have a hyperactive presence.

As a team of mostly engineers, they're usually deep in code. Inactivity on Twitter does not represent inactivity within.

Standard Notes also prefer any support interactions take place via our dedicated email help desk. Questions you ask on Twitter may not be seen by the right team member, but questions you ask via email always are.

There exist some other direct notes applications, as within our NextCloud package apps too (see below):

Standard Notes Blogging Philosophy

Like Twitter, they're not overly active on Standard Notes blog, and write typically when there are important announcements.

Inactivity on Standard Notes blog does not represent inactivity within. Quite the opposite: the more preoccupied we are with engineering, the less capacity we have to blog and tweet.

Standard Notes Support Policy

Standard Notes only official support medium is Standard Notes email help desk, where Standard Notes uphold a 100% response rate.

Support inquiries via Discord, GitHub, or Twitter are not supported, and are not guaranteed to receive an official response, though Standard Notes do encourage the community to help other members.

Free and paid users alike are welcome to get in touch with Standard Notes help desk. Some requests may require specialized engineering time, and fall into the Premium Support category, which requires a paid subscription or, if you're on a free account, the purchasing of a one-time premium support request.

Standard Notes Negativity Policy

Positive or critical feedback is always welcome, but it's important to be polite—both ways. Public posts that have clear intention of stirring upset may be removed or marked as abuse/spam.

Example of a polite critical statement:

I tried out the new release, and there is a bug that prevents me from selecting the menu item. This is hindering my workflow and I hope it gets resolved soon.

~ anonymous customer

Example of an abusive critical statement:

I tried out the new release, and the menu item is not selectable. It's clear there is an utter disregard for quality at this company.

~ anonymous customer

Standard Notes Price Policy

Standard Notes subscription prices typically increase every year, but do so only for new users. Historically, price increases have only affected new and not existing subscribers, who lock in their price indefinitely.

Standard Notes may hold sales on our subscription product from time to time. If you purchased a subscription within 60 days of a current sale, you're welcome to reach out to our help desk, and we will update your plan to renew at the sale price. No prorated refunds are offered in this case.

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