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Once upon a time, in a corporate world filled with dangerous jungles of cloud instances ..

April, 2023
Once upon a time, in a corporate world filled with dangerous jungles of cloud instances ..

Once upon a time, in a corporate world filled with dangerous jungles of cloud instances, Jane found herself lost and vulnerable.

Jane had been using a well-known cloud service provider, but her sensitive data and privacy were constantly under threat from malicious hackers and corporate surveillance. She had nowhere to turn to for help until she stumbled upon Tarzan, the hero from the CONNECT, 2u2 Web Technologies support.

Tarzan appears to be, a Master of Jungle

Tarzan was a master of the deep jungle, a skilled and experienced guide who knew the ins and outs of every nook and cranny of the corporate cloud world. He understood the dangers that lurked around every corner and knew how to navigate them safely.

When Jane approached him, Tarzan could see the fear and uncertainty in her eyes and knew that he had to act fast to save her from the dangers of the jungle.

Tarzan - King of the Jungle (1933)

Tarzan quickly sprang into action and swung into action using an open-sourced liaison of Nextcloud collaborative cloud that had been immediately provided to Jane as an end user.

Nextcloud, with now an Ethical AI (now nominated for the CloudComputing-Insider Award 2023 - vote now!), was a powerful suite of cloud-based apps that offered secure and private collaboration tools that could protect Jane's sensitive data and privacy from any potential threats.

Using Nextcloud Ethical AI, Tarzan was able to lead Jane through the dense jungle of corporate cloud instances, avoiding dangerous predators and treacherous traps. He showed her how to use the suite of apps to securely communicate, collaborate and share her data without any fear of it being compromised or stolen.

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Jane could feel her anxiety and fear melting away

As they made their way through the jungle, Jane could feel her anxiety and fear melting away.

tarzan and jane jane

Jane felt safe, understood, heard and protected under Tarzan's watchful eye and was grateful for his guidance and support. With the new Nextcloud Ethical AI, Reclaimed Collaboration Cloud Instance of Her Own, she had found a safe haven in the otherwise dangerous world of corporate cloud instances.

As they emerged from the jungle, Jane realized that she would be forever happy with the Nextcloud collaboration suite of apps.

She was no longer afraid of the dangers that lurked in the shadows, and she could confidently navigate the world of corporate cloud instances, knowing that her privacy and information ownership were secure and held protected and safe.

Jane became a vocal advocate for Nextcloud

From that day on, Jane became a vocal advocate for Nextcloud Ethical AI Platform, spreading the word about its powerful collaboration tools and the protection it offered to end-users like herself.

And the mighty Tarzan, king of the deep web jungle, continued to guide and support those who were lost in the dangerous jungle of corporate cloud instances, ensuring that they too could find their way to safety and security.

"Terrific!", cheered Jane

Tarzan recognized the importance of protecting users' privacy and data in the corporate cloud environment, and he knew that Nextcloud's Ethical AI Cloud Collaboration Platform was the best way to do it.

Tarzan therefore continued to spread the word about the benefits of Nextcloud Ethical AI, advising customers to make an immediate switch to their own instance and taking charge of their data.

With Tarzan's guidance, users across the interconnected world were able to break free from the grips and pitfalls of the information greedy environments and take control of their own data. They were able to collaborate with their teams, communicate securely, and share their work without fear of it being compromised or stolen.

And as more and more users adopted Nextcloud instances (example), the corporate cloud environment began to shift (to a degree). Companies realized that they needed to prioritize privacy and security if they wanted to earn the trust of their customers, and they started to invest in ethical AI collaboration cloud instance platforms like Nextcloud.

Thanks to Tarzan's heroic efforts, the corporate cloud environment was transformed, and users could finally feel safe and secure in the cloud. And they lived happily ever after, knowing that their data has been entrusted in good hands ...

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