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Sustainable Digital Assets

It all starts with a domain name. From online apps, convertible websites, platforms, to eCommerce and enterprise solutions.
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Modern eCommerce

Revenue in the eCommerce market is showing an annual growth rate of 9.30%. Welcome onboard!
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On-Demand Platforms

Providing solid, out-of-the box web application hosting, reliable ad-hoc support and sustainable web solutions.
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Reliable Growth Trends

Experience incredible performance delivered by our robust cloud hosting Infrastructure.
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Digital journey starts with a domain name

We are a certified ICANN / AUDA domain registration provider, investing into domain name research, management and registration procedures. Every domain name registered, managed or procured by us sends between $1 ~ $2 towards a sustainable project of choice (see all projects here)
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A domain name is an address on the internet which people can use to find resources like websites, or send email. Our domain registration and procurement services are managed via CONNECT, 2u2 Web Technologies.
We dedicate our time to bring you the best in the business.

We design better websites and consult you to bring the best in the business. It’s that simple.

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Bringing you the best in the business. Client friendly by design.

Client Recommendations

They exceeded all expectations for designing a landing page inspired by casino. They have gone above and beyond and delivered a fantastic result in a quick time frame. I’m extremely happy after this experience and look forward to working with them again in the near future. 10/10

Casino Luck

Hayden H., Promoter | Australia, NSW

They have been so patient with me to help me on my way whilst navigating a new business venture. They are reliable, flexible, friendly & knowledgeable and really listen to requests. Highly recommended!

The Lancefield Lodge

Danielle C., Owner | Australia, VIC

I am in Human Resource consulting and what I want to offer is ideas, thoughts and creative solutions to HR from my 45 years in the business having worked in Australia, Asia, Middle East, Europe and US. They supplied me with knowledge and an excellent working platform to achieve that. I would highly recommend them!

Suresh Menon

Suresh M., HR Specialist | Australia, India

I’ve been very happy with the tech support from Connect. Their support is prompt, efficient and knowledgeable. Uros will often come up with extra ideas and strategies to improve the website’s performance and user experience. It is difficult to run all aspects of an e-commerce store. Connect are experts in this field so it has helped tremendously to hand the technical skills over.


Jocelyn D., Owner | Australia

They have been steadfast agency support for our marketing team for as long as I can remember. Their quick resolution/response and always available attitude, combined with their technical abilities and dedication to ensuring our website is functioning at its absolute best, is comfort when our site is pivotal to our business operations.


Paul Hellmrich, Marketing manager | Australia

Couldn’t recommend them any more! They were was so patient with me as I have hardly any experience with WordPress and did all things asked and even emailed me what the steps they took were so I needed anything later on I knew what to do! Thank you so much! Will be working with them again that’s for sure.

Mane Hair Supplies

Cheryl S., Owner | Australia, NSW

Excellent, professional service. Top notch. So very happy. Wonderful service and quality work done fast.

Pamela Claire

Pamela C., Resident Artist | Australia, VIC

They have an excellent knowledge of Woocommerce and how to best utilise its features and capabilities. They will often suggest the right advice if using Woocommerce plugins to improve the user experience and overall performance of the website. Sometimes they will suggest against using plugins, as some are proven to slow down the customer experience. Highly recommended.

My Hygge Home

Jocelyn D., Owner | Australia, NSW

We are a boutique digital agency, supplying sustainable digital services, driven by passion for design, traffic, engagement, with attention to boosting your business. 
Meet us with industry-leading brands and startups.

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Code is poetry! We employ digital technologies to work for you. Delivering in digital transformations and online solutions.

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