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All Cyber Events End Well, Especially Those That Do Not End, But Well

April, 2023
All Cyber Events End Well, Especially Those That Do Not End, But Well

Once upon a time, there was a client who hired a web design agency to develop and build a website for their business. At first, the relationship between the client and the agency was cordial, and the agency worked diligently to create a website that met the client's specifications. However, as time went on, the client started to become increasingly demanding and abusive towards the agency.

Despite the fact that the agency had done excellent work for the client, the client always found something to complain about. They would send angry emails, intimidating SMS's, submitting very demanding 'support ticket requests' on web agencies support portals and occasionally make unsolicited phone calls through third parties, berating the agency and accusing them of being liars, conman and cheats. The client even threatened to sue the agency and its representatives for enormous amounts of money if they did not do free work for them.

A quick intermezzo on a virtual reality fact-check: In this fabulous reality that belongs to the story the web agency actually created a simple web application for the client and charged the client a minimum amount, as due to the fact that the client has been recommended to the web agency by a respectful public person, who was new to them, but as they needed help, as requested. And the calculation? So price for this was put as in a friendly gesture, for example, as web agency charged, for example, 3k max but it made the client min 50k income in the time of 1 year. So the question isn't on the 'friendly' side of things when doing business but on the profits that the 'friendly' side of things makes? Might be, but there are more apples in this box.

Problems are the only thing that is foggy from both sides? Doubt it!

Despite the abusive behavior, the agency tried to remain professional and continued to work on the client's website. However, things reached a boiling point when the client's behavior became unbearable. The web agency had had enough and told the client to stop the abuse or risk losing their business.

Unfortunately, the client did not stop, and the agency had to take action. They reported the client's abusive behavior to the Australian independent national regulator for privacy and freedom of information, as well as to the police.

The agency was relieved to discover that they had legal rights that protected them from abusive clients. Under Australian law, it is illegal to harass, intimidate, or threaten someone with legal action simply because they refuse to do free work or meet unreasonable demands. The agency was also protected by consumer protection laws that prohibited clients from making false claims or engaging in deceptive or threatening conduct.

is business abuse preventable
misused and abused words in business communication

With the help of the police and the regulator, the agency was finally able to break free from the abusive client. The client was investigated and found, for example guilty, or not, of violating various laws and regulations. The agency was able to move on, or not, and to maybe continue to work with clients who appreciated their hard work and professionalism. They never heard from the abusive client again, but the anxiety and the intimidation left an impression of ongoing distress, still long after the period when it possibly ended.

Web agency therefore organized the recommended psychotherapy sessions for those team members that were affected by the ongoing abuse, whether they were skilled web developers, web designers, copywriters or others who were dedicating their time and were always helpful, and on alert, but at the end of this journey each of the team members involved experienced certain levels of distress, burnout and needed some rest. And that is what they deserved. And a treatment, that will at least psychologically help them to cope with the situation and see the world in a better light. And a treatment that will engage them, also in a physio-somatic sense, to regain their normal levels of biorhythmic mood and fitness.

In the end, some degree of rightful justice was served, and the agency learned a valuable lesson about standing up for their rights and refusing to be intimidated by abusive clients.

To supply a good story it is essentially necessary to include some referenced examples

atypical web design agency pricelist a good presentation for abusive client

Have you ever heard of a story without a referenced example? For example, if one takes but a Talmud, which is a Jewish 'holy' book, which as of recently has been also calledas a 'source code' to everything, the Talmud itself has been thus referenced so many times and to so many that the human aspect of it absolutely lost touch with its contents and reality, but for that fact that Judaism requires only that no word, nor a letter, nor a symbol or a sign of the Book of Torah is ever changed? But web agency objected and asked: "There's an open-source-code?"

But what does this fact about the tremors of the Holy Torah has to do with this story? It is, and in fact it contributes, and is assigned, as the foundation of all modern judicial systems. And therefore, sure, we need to extract some reference to that,as to some modern examples.

Here are some examples of misused and abused words that are illegal under Australian law when used in business communication, including threats of lawsuits, threats of bringing to justice, threats of intimidation, defamation, and derogatory names:

  1. Threats of legal action or lawsuits for not meeting unreasonable demands or providing free services.
  2. Threats of bringing someone to justice without proper justification or evidence.
  3. Intimidation or harassment through threats of violence, harm or other malicious acts.
  4. Defamation or spreading false and harmful information about a person or business.
  5. Derogatory or insulting names such as conman, liar, fraud, unworthy or other derogatory terms that undermine a person's reputation or character.

It's important to note that these are just a few examples and that the language used in business communication should always be professional and respectful. Using abusive or threatening language can not only damage relationships but also result in legal consequences under Australian law.

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