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Empowering everyone to have a voice in their vision for the future.

From: 2021
To: 2022
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The mission states that 'the choices we make today have a direct impact on the world of tomorrow'. Not a very bold statement if considering the naturalisation of time trends used with marketing campaigns. Therefore, at, they aim to empower mostly private school organisations, school representatives, teachers, children and parents, and connected communities to have a 'definite voice' and a 'definitive choice' in their vision for 'the future'. Kindbox's mission declares that they all have the ability to make meaningful global change and can build the world they want to live in.

What did we provide?

Primarily we were approached by the ****** ***** from Melbourne, a privately owned small web and multimedia studio, to help them with their project. Their idea wasn't completely clear, so we helped them crystallize the requirements and functionality that they would like to build into a, what they called, transparent project funding and ecommerce interface baced off WordPress. Alright. The business idea has been coupled with a few examples from the latest 'sustainability', 'environmentally friendly' and 'education awareness' campaigns, as backed by UN, but as seen on, for example, 'boonsupply', 'whogivesacrap', 'zeroco' and similar business models. Why not? To start with, we boiled suggested approaches down to their basic parts, aligned with 'specific' requirements, matched the client's expectations and spinned it up in a unique environment where the idea can now bee seen and used. Smart, isn't it! But after all, and according to their specific business model and privacy practices, we needed to part ways.

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