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Support a Local Women's Spirit Group

Maroochydoore, Sunshine Coast, QLD, Australia

Support a Local Women's Spirit Group

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The Brisbane Women’s Club (“BWC”) is a centre for Brisbane and Queensland women to exercise progressive leadership around issues of public importance for women, to support projects and organisations aimed at improving the lives of women, and to mentor and guide younger women to achieve equal participation in the social, cultural, political and economic arenas of Australian life.

The BWC aims to bring together a diverse group of professional women in Brisbane and South East Queensland. Being a part of BWC provides an opportunity to actively get involved in activities and events which have benefits for women and which are of great interest to BWC members, to extend professional and personal networks with like-minded women, and to be part of an organisation that speaks out on behalf of women.

We are a not for profit. All proceeds from our events go to charities operating in this space in Brisbane and Queensland, or as part of our ongoing grants program.

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There is a library in Nepal that is under-resourced. You can take on this project and raise the funds to build them a library today!


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