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Blind Bats Sports Club Morayfield QLD Needs Help With The Beep Sport

Devine Court Sports Complex, Morayfield QLD, Australia

Blind Bats Sports Club Morayfield QLD Needs Help With The Beep Sport Can you help?

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The Blind Bats Charity is endorsed by the ATO for DGR (Deductible Gift Recipient). This means we can give you a tax deductable receipt for your donation in cash or kind. You can search our ABN to find out more.

The equipment The Blind Bats purchase is going be used in the conduct of The Blind Bats Inclusive Sports Program. All money donated will only go towards the purchase of equipment for The Blind Bats projects (if donations are made to The Blind Batds direct donations at the

The Blind Bats Beep Sport (TBBBS) is played on reduced-size fields and with slightly larger balls. Rules are changed to give extra value for those with the least sight. Sighted participants are volunteers who know that they can enjoy themselves but understand they are also there to assist blind participants.

Blind Bats Inc. has plans to purchase equipment to support our upcoming inclusive activities programs:

Beep Cricket ✔
Beep Football ✔
Beep Softball ✔
Beep Hockey

We need to buy equipment for Hockey. Bats, Gloves and Goals

Beep Tag ✔
Trailers ✔

The Blind Bats, for example, need a small trailer to carry equipment and a Mower Trailer to store and transport our Ride on Mower.

The Objects of Blind Bats Inc. are:

  1. To assist blind and vision impaired members become more inclusive participants in the general community.

  2. To provide programs that promote a more active and healthy lifestyle for our members.

  3. To work with service providers, community groups, Clubs and agencies for the benefit of members.

  4. To provide an accessible transport service for our members to and from events.

  5. To provide housebound members assistance to become involved in a more active and inclusive lifestyle.

You can also dedicate direct donations to Blind Bats here >

Paul Szép President

At Blind Bats Inc, our aim is to provide our members with the opportunity to participate in activities designed to experience a more active and inclusive lifestyle. We are working closely with local community groups, sporting clubs/associations to develop programs that help deliver our aim. Please feel free to let others in your community know about us and our services. Blind Bats Inc is a family-friendly charity. Everyone is welcome!
Blind Bats Inc
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Campaign Details

Blind Bats are a Morayfield QLD based charity, helping people with special needs (blind and blindness related). Blind Bats aim is to provide members with the opportunity to participate in activities designed to experience a more active and inclusive lifestyle. Blind Bats as a charity are endorsed by the ATO for DGR (Deductible Gift Recipient). Can you help them financing for the purpose?


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