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7 Brochure Website Examples to Inspire You

January, 2023
7 Brochure Website Examples to Inspire You

What is a brochure website?

A brochure website is an informational website that is designed to look and feel like a printed brochure. It contains compelling text and images that advertise a company’s products or services, and typically ranges from one to five pages.

Quicker and easier to build and maintain than a fully functional business or e-commerce site, a brochure website is ideal for small businesses with limited budgets. Real estate companies, spas, and dentists are just a few examples of businesses that would benefit from this type of website.

The 7 Brochure Website Examples to Inspire You

Examples, as shown below, aren't a direct-choice examples, but are listed in custom order.

1. Hagedorn

A full-service provider in the construction industry | image.ug-hagedorn.de


The Hagedorn Group is a full-service provider in the construction industry. It is the only company to unite all services in the process chain, from demolition, site remediation, disposal and recycling to civil engineering and revitalization. Created to reflect the company’s vision and unique services, the brochure website provides information about its process chain, academy, and innovation as well as its contact information.

2. A/Prof Nimalan Pathma

A renowned Colorectal Specialist in Sydney NSW, Australia | colorectalspecialist.com.au

A/Prof Dr Nimalan Patma-Nathan, Colorectal Specialist, Sydney NSW

A/Prof Nimalan Pathma Nathan is a renowned colorectal specialist in Sydney NSW, with great care for the patience he delivers a professional website, managen with specialised examples with great help for the patients.

3. Ep Bitumen

A brochure website for a road construction company | epbitumen.com

Ep Bitument, High Performance Bitumen Binders & Emulsions

Ep Bitumen is a brochure website for a road construction company. The vertical scrolling animation not only evokes the idea of flipping through a printed brochure — it also breaks down what the company does and what its products are into more digestible, bite-sized chunks of information.

4. Point to Point Construction

Modern architecture, Brisbane Qld, Australia | pointtopointconstruction.com.au

Point to Point Construction, Brisbane QLD, Australia

Point to Point Construction website is a classic starter example of a brochure website, provided with collaboration with the Point to Point Construction owner, the architect Alex Pletts. As a starter site it's made for further development in style, branding, application, considering the range of services and projects that the young company is presenting.

5. Mt Gravatt Medical Centre

Medical Centre and Skin Cancer Clinic, Mt Gravatt Qld, Brisbane, Australia | mountgravattmedcentre.com.au

Mt Gravatt Medical Centre and Skin Cancer Clinic

Mt Gravatt Medical Centre and Skin Cancer Clinic is another example of a dynamically build brochure website. The main menu includes on-page navigation for the landing pages that are build with scrolling content. It also includes some nice FAQ sections as well as custom team listings.

6. The Neat Space

A professional organizing service for clients with cluttered homes | theneatspace.io

The Neat Space is a professional organizing service for clients with cluttered homes

The Neat Space is a professional organizing service for clients with cluttered homes in San Diego, California. Its brochure website clearly explains its services and invites visitors to schedule a demo or contact them. Visitors can view case studies, read customer reviews, and follow The Neat Space on Instagram to learn more before getting in touch.

7. Hamilton Island Accommodation Services

Hamilton Island Accommodation Services | hamiltonislandaccommodationservices.com.au

Hamilton Island Accommodation Services, Hamilton Island, Qld, Australia

Hamilton Island Accommodation Services is a company dedicated to promoting beautiful Hamilton Island. Their services include Bookings Management, Property Services and Guest Services. The brochure website system is designed to make the promotion, bookable services and client portfolio easy to navigate, and once fully published, including guest accommodation and booking management, the website will enter the next promotional stage.

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