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From: 2020
To: 2022
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St Euphemia College is one of the exceptional Victorian schools that is utilising the Digital School's ( excellent set of tools and digital assets (Digital Schools + Meet Smart-Engage Plan) to present, perform, enrich and enroll a better school presentation, on-boarding and management system in Australia. Digital Schools are primarily just one of the digital content and video production providers from Melbourne, Victoria, who's leader Richard is one of its visionaries.

What part did we do in that?

We were contacted by Digital Schools Australia to help preparing digital campaigns, forms and user interaction parts to their chosen content management system. As we're experts in CSS / HTML / JS / PHP and highly experienced in Active Campaign (CRM) and JotForms (interactive form builder), including WordPress, and in this case, Divi page builder, including the Divi theme, and we were a good match to help Digital Schools manage all these parts. We did not provide an overall design and positioning website layouts, but we do also advise on certain approaches and methods with UI / UX as well.

Do you see what you like ?

With St Euphemia College we are your one-stop-shop for your digital products and we think far beyond classic websites and we are dedicated in how we can make you more successful through online services. We create digital experiences that sustainably bind your customers to your company. We deliver sustainable online strategies, visionary web solutions, and brand-building designs. We reliably connect your brand to your target audience. We are Thelematics.
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